My Timeline

It is very difficult to get a job within the U.S. Intelligence Community. My stories here document what I went through over the past several years, and how a couple of botched CIA polygraphs ruined my life.

My CIA 2009 – 2010 Recruitment Timeline Summary

09/28/09 – Went to NBMBAA Convention and gave resume to DI recruiters & emailed my resume to several others.

10/02/09 – I re – applied online.  I inquire about October Analytical Hiring Event in Atlanta, GA, but I don’t get an invite.

11/05/09 – I received an email from the DI to take brainbench test, took test

01/15/10 – got rejection letter in mail (probably from DI) saying they will not be offering me a position at the time

02/15/10 – Receive mysterious phone call (from unknown number) from the “Recruitment Center” saying that the Directorate of Science and Technology (DST) wants to interview me.  Hmmm….

03/09/10 – I get a few emails from DST recruiter with interview details, pre – employment & non – disclosure forms

03/19/10 – Interview at Dulles Discovery 1 in Chantilly, VA.  I follow – up with a Thank You email the next day.

04/15/10 – I get an email requesting my paystub; notification that I got a Conditional Offer of Employment (COE)

04/21/10 – Receive COE package in the mail via Fed – Ex

04/26/10 – return COE package

04/28/10 – Recruitment Center notes my COE package received on this date.

05/25/10 – received phone call from Sharon to schedule a Pre – Processing phone interview

05/28/10 – Pre – processing phone interview from Petra (8am PST at LAX airport) to verify my SF – 86.

06/01/10 – I contact Petra to give additional information and clarification regarding Pre – Processing interview

06/01/10 – Date my pre – processing files leave the security office and goes to who – knows – where

07/28/10 – Phone call notification of 3 – day processing appointments from Lynne, my Program Officer

08/05/10 – 3 – day Processing info arrives in mailbox via general usps mail. I book my hotel (will be reimbursed by CIA)

08/06/10 – 3 – day Processing travel flight e – tickets info arrives in mail

08/13/10 – After a week of phone – tag, I receive Lynne’s return call to answer my processing questions

08/23/10 – Lynne emails me to tell me I can change my flight tickets at no cost.

08/25/10 – Jean, a recruiter who was one of my interviewers, returns my email from July regarding DST info sessions.

09/08/10 – Three – Day Processing in DC from Sept 8 – 10 (office visit, medical, psychological, and polygraph exams)

11/11/10 – Rejected…on Veteran’s Day.  Letter arrives saying I was rejected due to polygraph countermeasures. 

11/15/10 – I get another letter in the mail explaining why I was rejected.

11/17/10 – I send in a request for my file (FOIA) and a notice of appeal.

12/13/10 – I get a package in the mail from the CIA that contains a letter saying my security review is in queue and a FOIA copy of my investigation file that is nothing more than my SF – 86 and additional sheets that blanked out my polygraph details.  It is noted that I denied use of countermeasures in my polygraph.

04/16/11 – I send a letter to the adjudicator notifying her of my change of address and asking for status on my appeal.

04/29/11 – I get a reply from the CIA adjudicator confirming receipt of my letter and telling me that my appeal is still in queue and that average queue time is 18 – 24 months, and that they have had an increase in volume.  Ha!

05/30/11 – I file an MSPB appeal online, which is soon dismissed.

09/17/12 – I receive a letter dated 9/6/12 that my appeal was denied.   

10/01/12 – I mail off my second and final appeal letter.

12/21/12 – I received a letter saying that my second appeal was denied.  Game over.

My FBI Special Agent Recruitment Timeline

12/xx/09 – Apply online

01/08/10 – Receive email inviting me to Phase 1 testing in Tampa, FL

01/28/10 – I take Phase 1 test

02/xx/10 – Receive letter in the mail saying that I failed Phase 1 and can retest in 6 months.

07/xx/10 – I reapply and inform my AC that I want to retake Phase 1.

07/30/10 – Email inviting me to Phase 1 Test again.

08/12/10 – Phase 1 test retake

09/xx/10 – I get a letter dated 8/24/10 that I passed Phase 1

10/07/10 – I get an email saying that I’m being considered for Phase II and to submit a new PFT score, which I promptly do.

10/20/10 – After several emails, I’m indirectly notified that I’ve been nominated for Phase II in January

01/01/11 – As a New Year’s Eve Gift, I get an email saying that I’ve been invited to Phase II and a Pre – Phase II Orientation session.

01/10/11 – Pre – Phase II Orientation

01/27/11 – Phase II

02/03/11 – Phone call from AC saying I passed the Phase II Interview!

02/06/11 – Submitted e – QIP

02/08/11 – Phone call to schedule my Personal Security Interview

02/10/11 – Personal Security Interview

02/14/11 – Polygraph, Drug Test, Fingerprinting

02/18/11 – Personal Fitness Test – passed with a breeze

03/01/11 – Intrusive FBI medical exams

03/13/11 – Call from FBI BI with questions about my apartment community

03/14/11 – I coincidentally bump into my BI while walking outside to my car.

Mar  –  Apr – BI is underway, references are being contacted

04/13/11 – Thin letter arrives. I’ve been rejected; unsuitable for employment.

04/16/11 – I file my FBI FOIA request, and request information on how to appeal.

05/30/11 – I file an MSPB appeal online which is soon dismissed.

08/03/11 – My FOIA files arrive on CD ROM

05/16/17 – I reapply to be an FBI SA and get a letter saying that I essentially banned for life.

My DOS SEO Recruitment Timeline

11/15/10 – Sent off SEO application

12/09/10 – Receive phone call from Bureau of Diplomatic Security inviting me to Oral Assessments (OA) by the Board of Examiners (BEX).  I get emails with all the details the same day

01/07/11 – SEO OA BEX  –  Passed.  Conditional Offer of Employment package given the same day.

01/11/11 – Submitted e – QIP online, got fingerprinted at police station, Fed – Ex’d in my security stuff, called my doctor to schedule my medical.

01/18/11 – Submitted medical forms and receipts via email.  Notified of my e – QIP acceptance and approval.

01/21/11 – Medically cleared.

01/31/11 – Security case officially opens, my credit is pulled. 

02/28/11 – Personal Security Interview

2/28 – 3/12 – Numerous phone calls and emails from my BI asking me additional questions and for more information.  My references also all call me to tell me that they have been contacted.

04/06/11 – My BI calls me again requesting more information about my new address, new job, FBI status, etc.

04/21/11 – My case enters adjudication

04/26/11 – Top – Secret Clearance Granted!  File heads to final review.

05/09/11 – On the register! (meaning final review panel also completed)

05/19/11 – Job Offer for Aug. 15th class, I have to decline.  Ugh!

11/14/11 – Just for fun, I file an FOIA/PA request to see my background investigation file with DOS.

01/10/12 – Job Offer #2 for the March 12th 2012 class, I accept!  I’m in!

01/17/12 – Confirmation email received with official job offer letter

01/18/12 – Official new hire package arrives

01/20/12 – Email received from DS Training Center regarding my SEO training.

03/12/12 – Start date

03/01/16 – Resignation

My CIA 2016 Recruitment Timeline Summary

07/XX/ 2016 – I apply online to 4 DS&T CIA positions again

12/13/2016 – Phone call from recruitment center.   Saying they want me for Technical Operations position.

12/16/2016 – Email to take Technical Intelligence Officer (TIO) testing online.

12/20/2016 – Email response saying I won’t see my testing results and they will note my holiday travel dates in my application.

01/10/2017 – Email invite to interview for TIO

01/13/2017 – Email with logistics for interview and info session

01/25/2017 – Info session and interviews at Dulles Discovery 1 in Chantilly.

02/08/2017 – Email from CIA asking for my recent job paystub

03/13/2017 – Rejection letter arrives via email. I find out later through an inquiry phone call I made to the CIA that my rejection is based on my failed polygraphs from 7 years ago. Once a reject, always a reject. I wish I would have gotten this in writing.