Misleading Polygraph Info on Clearancejobs.com

The popular job website for people with security clearances, clearancejobs.com, published two recent articles that support the polygraph:

How to Prepare for a Security Clearance Polygraph Examination

The website is clearly biased towards the polygraph and will lead readers to believe the polygraph actually works when it indeed does not. If you read the first article, you will notice that the author emphasizes that you should not research the polygraph. You should ask yourself, why not? You research every other stage of a job application such as interview questions. You research how to pass the federal agent fitness test if you apply for a that particular job. You research how your security clearance background check will be conducted. You research any medical procedure that you will undergo. Why does the polygraph community not want you to research the polygraph? The answer is simple. If you research it, you will find out what a hoax it is, how to beat it, and the machine can be rendered useless.

The second article claims to have “caught” an applicant using countermeasures. This is not true. The applicant was caught because he made TWO confessions: changing his breathing to “pass” the polygraph and mishandling classified information, the latter which the author reiterates that the applicant did not previously disclose. I will add that the polygraphers would likely have never found this out if the applicant did not disclose it himself. The number one rule to passing a polygraph, DO NO MADE CONFESSIONS! You are better off telling the polygraph operator to take the machine and shove it up his ass (or her ass, if the polygrapher is a woman, which paints a slightly better picture).

It is a standard procedure for polygraphers to accuse and interrogate you about hiding something like crimes or using countermeasures to beat the polygraph. Do not fall for this. Deny everything and maintain your innocence!

I published an article on this blog on How to Beat a Polygraph that will guide you on how to pass this silly examination tool. The #1 key to passing, DO NOT CONFESS TO ANYTHING!

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