2018 DOS FS SEO Resignation – Moving On

In March 2018, I resigned from my job as a Diplomatic Security Engineering Officer in the U.S. Foreign Service with the U.S. Department of State. I got sick of the the national security obsession that this country has. The U.S. government and the respective government contractor jobs are more concerned with an individual’s ability to maintain a security clearance than their ability to do the job. For example, you can be the best cyber security analyst in your office, but if you smoke some weed after work, you will lose your job, even if you come to work fully functional and productive.

Not that I do that, but the multitude of things that can constitute security violations just annoyed me. I value my individualism and freedom. If you do something bad while you have a security clearance, your clearance will be suspended and you will be placed in an office where you have literally no work. Or, even if you abide by all the rule and do not get in trouble, you will feel like a subordinate slave. I enjoy the ability to travel the world and do whatever I want outside of work, and come back to work and still do my job. The U.S. government is more concerned with your ability to keep a security clearance than your ability to do the job. I oppose this philosophy.

For various reasons, I wanted my freedom back. I do not want to report every foreign contact, foreign travel, or all of my behavior. I do not feel that forgetting to set an alarm or lock a safe in an area that is already quarantined from the outside world constitutes a security issue. I do not think that whatever I do outside of work should affect my job. There are many people who do things that may be deemed “unacceptable” by DOS, but only the people who get caught and they business gets reported back to Washington, D.C. get in trouble. Some famous politicians like Hillary Clinton are protected since she committed numerous security violations with her 2016 e-mail scandal that would cause anyone else to lose their security clearance and job. The whole system is corrupt and I value my individualism and freedom. I am happy to be still traveling the world and can do whatever I want now without the U.S. government breathing down my back.

I presently live overseas teaching science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) at the high school and college levels. I have a good job, good life, friends and freedom! I get lots of vacation where I can travel to other countries in my spare time. I am racking up stamps in my passport. I love it! I will never work under the authority of the U.S. government again!

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