October 2012 – December 2012 – 2nd CIA Appeal and Denial

October 2012 – One last CIA Appeal

I decided over the weekend, what the heck, let me just file one last CIA appeal.  Worst case scenario it will take two more years and I’ll be denied, at which point I should be enjoying my SEO career overseas.  I’m gambling here because I assume I will enjoy my SEO job so much that I won’t be looking for work within the next few years, because if I was I couldn’t get any cleared work outside of DOS.  I’m just glad that I have TS/SCI with DOS, and hopefully these CIA appeals aren’t affecting my current clearance in anyway.  When I re-apply to the CIA, NSA, or FBI 5 or 6 years from now, if I choose to, I can go on record saying that I had two appeals with the CIA denied, meaning I fought for my innocence.  I mail off my appeal letter on Monday October 1st, 2012. Heres to another two year wait.

December 2012 – More FOIA Goodies from DOS, 2nd CIA Appeal Denied

Well the saga continues.  I thought everything was done except for hearing from my 2nd CIA appeal (of which I never received an acknowledgement email) several years from now.  I was surprised to open my mailbox today, December 10, 2012, to find a package from the Department of State.  It’s more stuff from my original FOIA request!   Basically it is the same stuff, recopied, that I have already seen, dated November 30th 2012.  Information from people who were interviewed during my background check, police records that were pulled in everywhere I lived, and the like.  No new surprises here.  I thought I would have gotten information about my DOS SEO Oral Assessment Interview scores from January 2011 and Scattered Castles file, but oh well.  On another note, I called the DOS security office last week just to ask if there were any Incident Reports in my security clearance file.  They responded “no”.  So I have no Incident Reports on file with DOS, however Incident Reports don’t travel between agencies is what they told me.  So I really don’t know if my DOD JPAS Incident Report has been cleared or not.  I never received acknowledgement of receipt of my second CIA appeal from a couple months ago, and I don’t know what happened with the DOD trying to reactivate my Secret clearance, but it doesn’t matter at this point.  I’m good.  I’m happily employed at DOS as an SEO and I plan to be here a while.  Lots of cool training that the government pays for, worldwide travel once I finish training next spring/summer.

I’m also currently working towards earning my Professional Engineering (PE) license in the state of VA, which I hope to achieve before I’m scheduled to get posted overseas in 2014.  There are several steps to get my PE, including passing two 8-hour tests, the first test is an Engineering Fundamentals exam that I should have taken in college but didn’t. I will be taking it in April 2013.

I get home on December 20th and have a notice in my mailbox to pick up another Restricted Delivery letter.  I pick the letter up the on the 21st, and just like last time, I have to sign in like three places and show ID at the post office.  The letter is dated December 17th.  It is from the CIA and says that my second and final appeal was denied.  That was fast, the first appeal took two years and this one took only a few months. They are also kind enough to tell me that this is their last communication with me, and reaffirms me that they always err on the side of national security.  Oh well, game over.  Maybe I’ll try again in the future, assuming I’m not blacklisted.  Here’s to a great 2013 and a great career as an SEO!  Merry Christmas!


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