May-June 2011 – DOS 1st Job Offer, DOD Clearance Issues, FBI Update

2010-2011 DOD Contractor Job Offers from MITRE, BPMI, and BAE

DOD Clearance Issues

Between December 2010 and March 2011, I receive three offers from DOD contractors. MITRE, BPMI, and BAE Systems. My job offer letters are shown above. Each of these jobs are unable to clear me, even though I previously had a Secret clearance with Lockeheed Martin, because of the CIA. BPMI and BAE neglected to finally bring me on board, but MITRE did hire me but I was the only non-cleared person in the office to my surprise. I signed a letter with MITRE saying that if I did not get my Secret clearance within a year I would be terminated. Lucky me, I resigned at my one-year mark to join DOS right before MITRE could terminate me. I never did get that DOD clearance back, all because of the CIA’s Incident Report based on unsubstantiated claims that I tried to use countermeasures during my polygraph.

DOS Official Offer, But I Have to Decline

On Thursday May 19th 2011, I get some news from DOS. First let me say that earlier in the week I contacted the DOS HR folks to ask question regarding my current job and if I should go on the “Do Not Call List” so that I wouldn’t have to turn down an offer with the Foreign Service.  If you turn down 2 offers, you are removed from the register of cleared candidates for your Foreign Service specialty or officer position.  I was told that my register score from my Oral Assessment was higher than what I was told the first time.  Apparently I scored 84 out of 100 (not 80 as I was told the first time).  Well, before I get any answers from HR, I get an email officially inviting me to the August 15th SEO class!  So I’m in!  But wait, I can’t accept it, I have to honor my 1 year commitment with my new uncleared DOD contracting job at MITRE. I promptly call DOS HR on the phone and explain my situation, and I follow up with an email.  HR is kind enough to allow me to defer and says that this will not count as one of my two chances to accept an offer.  She also finally responds to an email from earlier in the week that answers my questions.  So I have put myself on the “Do Not Call List” until April 2012.  Let’s hope that nothing bad happens for the next year.  I can’t believe I just turned down my dream job. 

More Security Clearance Issues.

On May 31st at my new DOD Contracting job at MITRE, I apply to get what is called a Common Access Card (CAC) so that I can access some DOD information systems to do my work.  Well they have to check my security clearance status in the DOD JPAS system, and guess what, there some issue that is preventing my processing for the CAC.  I find out that  there is a big red flag that reads “incident report” dated 1/11/2011.  There is a Loss of Jurisdiction noted a few days later meaning I no longer can get my old DOD clearance from Lockheed Martin back.  I’m puzzled completely about the DOS date as my TS clearance was adjudicated on 4/26 and I even received a final offer of employment from them which I have deferred.  I come to the conclusion that the red “incident report” flag is from my CIA polygraph failure from last year which is currently in appeal.  Why they dated it 1/11/2011 I do not know, but I can only guess that this is the date that my appeal finally made it to someone’s desk.  I may not be able to get my CAC to do my job until this red flag goes away.  Well this sucks!  I can’t wait to start working at DOS next year, it is my dream job and I’m sad that I had to defer it but it was the best financial and logistical move at this time. working at DOS as a Security Engineering Officer in the Foreign Service, but I’ll have to wait.  My security clearance issues are really screwing things up right now and DOS is the only one where everything is clean and ready to go. 

June 2011

On June 15th I get home to find another letter from the FBI in my mailbox.  It is to notify me of who my FBI Representative will be from my Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) appeal.  Cool, that was fast.  I don’t quite understand the details of the letter, but it appears that someone from the FBI (the same organization I am going against, sounds fair right?) will represent me in my appeal and I should just sit back and wait to hear the result.   

On June 16th I have a phone call at work from another investigator that wants to interview me today, yet again, for my DOD Secret Clearance.   The topic of our discussion: “My CIA Clearance Denial”.  Man, the CIA really screwed me!  It turns out that the red flag in my JPAS file dated January 2011 must be from my CIA clearance denial that I was notified about last November. 

I did some research and when an Incident Report (red flag) goes into JPAS, a Loss of Jurisdiction (LOJ) will soon follow if your clearance is not currently active.  Since my previous clearance wasn’t active due to me leaving Lockheed Martin, I got an LOJ.  With an LOJ, a new investigation must be done.  The Incident Report won’t even be adjudication until the person has a need for DoD clearance again.  Luckily I did take this job or my JPAS account would have been flagged indefinitely!  Another thing is that  DISCO (the people that run the JPAS system) won’t bother trying to transfer my DOS clearance until my DoD clearance is adjudicated.  So I explain to the investigator what happened on my CIA polygraphs and how I filed an appeal.  He writes down my story and seems content.  He tells me that he will write this up and submit it by the end of the day.  So I can only sit back and wait and hope that this all pans out.  It was only a year ago when I was undergoing my exciting CIA recruitment, and now they’ve screwed me all over.  Sigh.

June 22nd brings another FBI letter.  They have found my files and I can either ask for paper copies (which will cost me over $20) or I can get them on a CD which may be free.  It also appears that the FBI website to check FOIA status is a joke because it still has the same message up from when I first filed.  Nevertheless, I will be faxing in my acceptance of the charges so I can move this process along.

June 24th brings yet another FBI letter, but this time a nice manila envelope package.  It is from the FBI regarding my MSPB appeal.  It is basically about 10-15 pages or so that pretty much says that the MSPB has no grounds in this case and the case should be dismissed.  The package mentioned something about the FBI being an excepted service position, not a “covered position”, and that as an applicant and non-employee that I had no grounds for this appeal.  Okay, big deal.  They also file a motion to dismiss for lack of jurisdiction.  It says stuff like “an unsuccessful applicant for a federal civil service position generally has no right to appeal his non-selection to the Board.”  I think I will give up the MSPB now.  I didn’t get my complete file from the FBI as the internet suggested and now don’t feel like dealing with this crap any longer.   I just wanted to see all the uncensored background information and polygraph results that the FBI has on me.  That is all that I want and I could care less about the legal mumbo jumbo.  I know that I won’t be working for the FBI soon, nor will I be at the CIA.  I hope to work as a DOS SEO with no polygraph required.


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