November 2009 – CIA Online Testing

One night I’m in a hotel on business travel with my current job at Lockheed.   Being contacted during these business travel trips would become an eerie running theme with my CIA recruitment, much too coincidental.  Out of the blue, I get an email notification on my cell phone from the CIA!  It instructs me to take some tests and writing assessments online on for the Directorate of Intelligence, which is the Analytical branch of the CIA.  These tests take a few hours to complete in my hotel on my own laptop.  I have to read 3 reports and prepare a one-page intelligence briefing report to the President.  I also have to take some sort of multiple choice IQ and personality tests.  I was able to save a copy of the intelligence briefing writing portion.  There is a time limit on all of these with little time for bathroom breaks.  I’m sweating like crazy!  I complete the tests which take a few hours.  I never find out if these tests came from my online application or from spamming my resume.


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