January 2010 – FBI Special Agent Phase 1 Test 1 and CIA Rejection 1

To start of the New Year, I get an email from the FBI inviting me to take the Special Agent Phase 1 exam in my local field office which is Tampa, FL, about an hour from me.  Yay!  I had forgot that I applied here, and the email came as I was driving to a friend’s house for a Nintendo Wii party (turns out nobody really showed up to the party and it ending up just being 4 of us: my homegirl who invited me, her sister, me, and some other guy).   I dress up in nice business casual attire and drive to the FBI office early the morning of the test, in which I tell my job I’ll be in late for personal reasons.  The test is about 3-4 hours long and there are about 30 of us, with at least an hour being spent with the FBI Applicant Coordinators briefing us.  The FBI building is pretty nice, we have to be escorted everywhere, including the bathrooms.   We sign non-disclosures of course and take the paper test on a scantron.   This reminds me of high school, they still use these?  The test is just as described on the FBI Jobs website, so no surprises here. 

Later in the month I receive a letter in the mail in a thin white envelope.   A strange return address that just says “Recruitment Center” with a Washington, D.C. zip code is on the envelope.  The letter has the big CIA logo on the top.  It is a rejection letter.  They aren’t interested in me and it says to reapply in a year.   No phone number to call, no reason given.  I figure that is it and I’m out of the running.  I tell friends and family that I applied and got rejected thinking that my dreams had been crushed.  As a double-whammy, I get a letter from the FBI saying that I failed my Special Agent Phase 1 exam that I took this month as well.  Life sucks.  I’m devastated. Game over?

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