February 2010 – The First CIA Phone Call

Again, I’m on business travel with my Lockheed job that I hate.  I’m in my hotel during the day.  My cell phone rings as I’m at my computer looking for other intelligence jobs to apply to since I figure the CIA doesn’t want me.  The number on my caller ID says “unknown caller”.  I hesitate to answer, but I go ahead.  They ask to speak to me, and lady on the other end identifies herself as being with the Central Intelligence Agency.  I think to myself: huh, is this a joke?  She says that they have my resume and are interested in interviewing me.  My heart drops.  I’m excited, but also skeptical.  I tell her that I’m interested, but thought I was done because of my rejection letter.  I probably shouldn’t have said that, it may make her go back and check my file and reconsider the interview invite, but she chuckles and seems quite aware of this.  She tells me that another division is interested in me.  I tell her heck yeah I want to interview!  She says I’ll get an email with the details.  Right before she is about to hang up, I stop her and ask for a phone number to follow up.  This is a smart move on my part so that I’ll have someone to bug and show that I’m really interested and deserve this interview.  She gives me her name and number to the office.  I’m excited!  I never tell anyone about this.  Then several weeks go by and I never get an email or hear about my interview.  I call the lady about once a week, surprisingly I’m actually able to get through and talk to her, and she just tells me that they are still working the dates.  About a month later I still haven’t been notified of my interview details.  Once again, I’m devastated.


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