This is the story of a polygraph victim who was constantly recruited and rejected from CIA, NSA, FBI, DOD contractors, and later resigned from the U.S. Foreign Service. I have decided to share my stories and documents with the world. Note that all the mailing addresses and phone numbers for me in the documents are no longer valid. I have moved and changed my phone number many times since I went through these hiring processes. If you want to contact me, use the Contact page.

My name is Byron Johns. I am from the Washington, D.C. metro area.  This journal starts in year 2009.  At this point I have have my MBA, MS, and BS in Electrical Engineering.  But what do I want to do for a career?  I have no clue!  Up to this point of my life all I have known is school, school, and more school!  I never pictured myself outside of a classroom environment.  As a matter of fact, I went to graduate school only because I didn’t want to enter corporate America.  Well, after graduating from Georgia Tech with my Masters degrees and then a few months of fun goofing off in Atlanta for the summer, I move to Florida to start working with Lockheed Martin in August 2008.  I quickly realize how much I hate the job.  I would be laid off after working there only two years, two miserable years.  During that time, I would have already begun my job hunt for a new exciting career.  I would find out that my desired career is within the U.S. Intelligence Community.  It is very difficult to get into the IC, but little did I know that the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Dept. of State would all express strong interest in me.  The recruitment processes are very long and invading of your personal life, and I would be in for a journey as I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

To sum up why I was “banned from intel”, it started when I “failed” my two CIA polygraphs in 2010. The CIA accused me of using countermeasures and gave me security clearance / SCI access denial in conjunction with terminating my application. That clearance denial put a red flag in my government file which is permanently associated with my name and social security number. I was told by the CIA that I was banned for life, though not in those exact words, when I reapplied in 2017 and they rejected me based on my 2010 incident with them. Even though I passed the FBI polygraph and all of their processing, they refused to hire me because of the CIA clearance denial. I also could not get my Secret security clearance back when I was a DOD contractor, and no other contractors would hire me due to my issues getting a clearance. The State Department Foreign Service took forever to clear me, thanks in part to their inquiries with the CIA about my file there going unanswered, but I ultimately left the State Department for various reasons, under very bad conditions. I will now never get a clearance ever again, and I am likely banned from U.S. government service. Yay!

After about 10 years of dealing with the long recruitment process and subsequent rejection from the U.S. government, including a brief career as a Diplomatic Security Engineering Officer (SEO) in the Foreign Service, I threw in the towel. I am now happily enjoying my life without the U.S. government. I am traveling the world, living abroad, with a good job, and no security clearance restrictions. Total autonomy! I am FREE!